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Use the scroll bar to move down through this list of household products that may consist of hazardous products or have hazardous impacts.

Some of these products may pose direct hazards in their intended use; examples may include aluminum cleaners with hydrofluoric acid, caustic or acid drain cleaners, and caustic spray oven cleaners. Others may be safe when properly used, but hazardous when improperly used or disposed; examples of these may include motor oil, automotive antifreeze, disinfectants or even shoe polish. Still others may involve particular hazards in manufacture, as well as use; these may include lead or creosote (see Wood Preservatives)

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A Acid Acetone Aerosols
Air Freshener Alkalies & Alkalines All-Purpose Cleaners
Aluminum Cleaners Ammonia Ammunition
Antifreeze Arsenic Arts & Crafts
Asbestos Asphalt & Roofing Tar Automatic Transmission Fluid

B Batteries - Dry Cell Batteries - Wet Cell Benzene
Bleach (chlorine) Brake Fluid

C Camphor Car Wax Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Tetrachloride Carburetor Cleaner Carpet Cleaner
Chlorofluorocarbons Cresol

D Detergent Diesel Fuel Disinfectant
Drain Cleaners Dry Cleaning Fluid Dyes

E Engine Degreaser

F Fertilizer Floor Cleaner Formaldehyde
Furniture Cleaner Furniture Polish

G Gasoline Glass Cleaner Glues & Adhesives

H Hair Color Hair Permanent Hair Spray
Hydrofluoroic Acid Hydrogen Peroxide

I Insecticide Insect Repellent Isopropyl Alcohol

K Kerosene

L Lead Lye

M Mercury Methanol Methylene Chloride
Mildew Remover Mothballs Motor Oil

N Nail Polish Nail Polish Remover Naphthas
Naphthalene Nitrobenzene

O Oven Cleaner

P Paint Paint Thinner Paint & Varnish Remover
Paradichlorobenzene Perchloroethylene Pet Supplies
Petroleum Distillates Pharmaceuticals Phenol
Photography Chemicals Pigments Pine Oil
Plastics Pool Chemicals

R Radon Roach Killer Rodent Killer

S Scouring Powder Septic Tank Cleaners Shoe Polish
Smoke Detector Sodium Carbonate Sodium Hypochlorite
Solvent Spot Remover Starch
Sulfur Dioxide Sulfuric Acid

T Toilet Cleaner Toluene & Xylene Trichloroethane

W Window Cleaner Windshield Wiper Solution Wood Preservatives


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